We’d love to invite you to partner with us.

MBC is an exciting and strategic ministry as we train many men and women for local parish ministry.  By God’s grace, these students will will boldly and faithfully preach Christ as they reach out to those who do not yet believe and as they build those who do.

By investing in MBC you invest in people.  This is an amazing opportunity since God saves people through the preaching of his word.  Your investment in MBC will enable us to equip someone for a lifetime of ministry.  And through them, God may choose to save many who are lost as they preach his word.

We imagine that like us, you don’t want the lack of money to stop someone being adequately equipped for ministry. So would you prayerfully consider giving generously to our scholarship fund. By doing so, you will enable us to train new evangelists and ministers for a country that desperately needs to hear the gospel.


Please give to our scholarship fund at Munguishi.  


  • To donate to Munguishi Bible College please contact  us