MBC presently offers four courses.

  • Diploma of Theology: 3 Year course in English
  • Hati in Theology: 3 Year Course in Swahili
  • Evangelist Course: 1 Year Course in Swahili
  • Pastor’s Wives Course

The Evangelist course is our own program designed to meet the needs of assistant ministers and evangelists.  It provides a solid grounding in biblical studies, basic Christian theology, and key ministry skills.

Our Diploma and Hati courses follow the Anglican Church of Tanzania’s provincial syllabus. Alongside this rigorous course of study, our students also understake studies in Biblical Theology and Biblical Preaching.

We also have a training course for the wives of our students studying to be pastors. This course trains the women in understanding and teaching the Bible as well as particular skills for their important roles as pastor’s wives. The course also includes sewing and various practical skills.

Each course is residential full time. This ensures that our ministry training takes place in community and offers opportunity for the learning of Christian discipleship together.